Namine’s heparin is scheduled to be stopped at 4:00 tomorrow morning. Then at 8:00, the remaining two chest tubes and pacing wires will be pulled! This is good news, indeed.

We’ve been in the hospital since Monday, but for some reason it didn’t occur to me until Jessica said something that Namine has not been getting her inhalers twice a day. So after repeatedly (and repeatedly, and repeatedly) asking her nurses – through two day shifts and two night shifts – her inhalers finally got ordered.

I try not to let it bother me when the fine folks in respiratory tell me how to work an inhaler. After all, they don’t know me. They don’t know about the five years of impromptu medical training I’ve had – we’ve had – in learning everything we needed to in order to take care of Namine. (I’ll be honest. Some days it does bother me more than others, but I kept a lid on it tonight.) But Namine – my Namine, who on more than one occasion has indeed proven to be her parents’ child – totally told the respiratory guy off tonight. I had already told him that I would give the inhaler to Namine, but still he held on to it. When he tried to put it in Namine’s mouth himself, she said “My daddy will do it.” And then she looked him straight in the eyes with blue steel in her own. “I said my daddy will do it.” (I was so proud.)

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