Namine rarely impresses me more than after surgery. Despite all the pain she was in yesterday, she seems to be completely pain-free today. She woke up fairly early at 8:00, even though she was quite tired and fell asleep fairly quickly last night.

In recovery

Namine has been taken up to the recovery room. She’s resting fitfully now; she’s also in quite a bit of pain.

Uh oh

So we’re here in the waiting room, and something has gone wrong. A patient of Namine’s first foot surgeon (for those that remember). I am not surprised at all. Nor am I surprised at the fury and rage I feel rising up in me all over again.

Bronchoscopy done!

That was fast. The ENT doctor just came back to tell us that she finished examining Namine’s mouth, airway, and ears. Everything looks good!

Old enough to know

Namine has been taken back to have her procedures. I’m nervous; but then, I’m always nervous. No procedure any gets easier, even something as routine as a bronchoscopy. What’s more, it’s harder for Namine now more than ever, as she understands what she did not in the past.