We had soup tonight. Namine is… sometimes not great with soup, especially if it’s soup she loves. And believe you me, she loves Tastefully Simple’s creamy chicken wild rice soup.

So Namine was scooping soup up quite eagerly, and humming while she did. Then I looked over at her, and she had her face in the bowl, slurping away.

“Namine, please use your spoon.”


So she picks up her spoon, and half misses her face in her haste. So up comes the other hand to wipe her face.

“Bup bup bup!” Jessica exclaims. “No, use your spoon to scoop the soup off your chin. Like this.”

So Namine grabs her spoon, which of course is back in her soup bowl, and brings it up quickly to scrape the remaining soup off her chin – and dumps the spoonful of soup squarely down her shirt.

There’s something to be said for enthusiasm, I suppose.

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