April 2013

  • We want the same thing

    We want the same thing

    Namine is so easygoing most of the time, it’s easy to forget how stubborn and iron-willed she can be. Monday morning, she spent the first ten minutes of physical therapy stonewalling the therapist.

  • The dark holds no fear

    The dark holds no fear

    Namine has a couple different lights she can have on at night.

  • Fryburgers and salad sandwiches

    Fryburgers and salad sandwiches

    Namine really wanted to have lunch with me, so I waited until Jessica and Namine could come pick me up after this morning’s therapy session. We went to McDonald’s, which is just up the road from my office.

  • Velcro


    Who remembers doing this as a kid?

  • Weekend at Gramma’s

    Weekend at Gramma’s

    We have the granddaughter tonight! She got a cute new haircut.

  • Video games

    Video games

    Namine is getting quite good at Jetpack Joyride.

  • A (sick) night in

    A (sick) night in

    Namine has had a fever off and on since she came home from the hospital. It spiked again this evening, so we kept her home from dance. She’s still awake, talk talk talking in bed. I hope she doesn’t roll around too much when she finally falls asleep.

  • Building what Google didn’t

    My latest on-the-side project has been building an extension for Google’s recently-released web app, Keep. It’s been a fun ride, but without an API, I don’t think there’s anything more I can do.

  • Swingin’


    Namine loves to swing!

  • A sick morning

    Namine was supposed to have physical therapy this morning, but she has a fever of over 100. Consequently, we kept her home. Actually, we let her sleep in; she didn’t even wake up until 10:45, and sleeping late is not Namine’s style. Usually she’s up at the crack of dawn, yelling “WAKE UP GUYS, IT’S…

  • Grandma kisses

    Grandma kisses

    Taken at Noodles & Company last week when Jessica and Namine went out to lunch with Grandma. <3

  • Resiliency

    Namine rarely impresses me more than after surgery. Despite all the pain she was in yesterday, she seems to be completely pain-free today. She woke up fairly early at 8:00, even though she was quite tired and fell asleep fairly quickly last night.