·  Normal is a dryer setting.

October 2012

UI experiment

In my free time, I’ve been working on a little UI demo. I had this idea for using Bootstrap as a base, in order to imitate the Facebook mobile interface. I think it turned out pretty well.

Pumpkin carving

A couple days ago, Namine and carved her first pumpkin. We didn’t really carve it, per se, so much as did something akin to a linoleum cutting or engraving. It’s great for someone like Namine, whom we don’t want handling knives quite yet. I still had to help her, but she was excited to be…


It wasn’t Namine’s first birthday party – that honor was given to her friend from HealthReach last year, I think – but it was her first time in a dance studio. I would never have wished such an adult moment on her, but she proved herself stronger than even I sometimes give her credit for….

A stay at home kind of day

Namine’s staying home from therapy today due to her not feeling well. I only wish I could have, too. Both Jessica and I are feeling pretty much what Namine is feeling – stuffy, boogery, just all-around congested. We went to Urgent Care last night to see if we – Jessica and I – needed to…

Our first parent-teacher conference

So yesterday evening, Jessica and I met with Namine’s teacher and school-appointed speech therapist. It went well, I thought, all things considered. I still hold to the opinion that Miss Merrie has too many children to watch, and so cannot pay enough attention to any one in particular, thus short-changing all of them.

Field trip

Namine went on a field trip with her class yesterday to a pumpkin farm. My dad had the pleasure of going with her, but apparently he’s too busy to write about it. Fine, I’ll just post the pictures he took.

The concept of “normal”

“Normal” is a funny word. You might think it means one thing – such as the dictionary definition, which is, according to Dictionary.com, “conforming to the standard or the common type; usual; not abnormal; regular; natural” – but that idea can change. The first three definitions there do not describe Namine in the least. Of…

A little attitude goes a long way

Namine, being a headstrong and willful child, can be quite, as my sister puts it, ‘tudey. But that attitude, far from being a bad thing, is what has made her so strong. And, of course, she employs her determination in more than just sassing off.

Urology appointment

We met today with Dr. Mesrobian, Namine’s urologist, to discuss the results of the tests done a while back. We had a pretty decent idea of what to expect coming into the meeting. I’ll be frank here: we’re talking about potty training here, so if you don’t want to hear the potty talk, don’t click the link.

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