Pumpkin carving

A couple days ago, Namine and carved her first pumpkin.

We didn’t really carve it, per se, so much as did something akin to a linoleum cutting or engraving. It’s great for someone like Namine, whom we don’t want handling knives quite yet. I still had to help her, but she was excited to be able to hold the cutting tool herself. Namine had a blast doing it. Jessica’s sister Chyral had given us a book of patterns that also came with some tools for doing the cutting. Of course Namine picked the cat.

Because Namine’s pumpkin is so small, we ended up just doing the cat’s head. The whole body would never have fit. So unless you already know it’s a cat, you probably wouldn’t be abe to tell what it is. That’s okay, though, because Namine is proud of it.

On Jessica’s pumpkin we carved (engraved) a mummy. When Namine and I were going through the pattern book, I had told her that it was a mummy, but I didn’t say anything else. When I asked her what she wanted to make on Mommy’s pumpkin, she said, “I want to do the mummy wrapped in bandages!”

That kind of surprised me, that she knew the mummy was wrapped in bandages. She’s never seen a mummy movie, so how would she know? When we finished the pumpkin, it came to us: the mummy looks almost exactly like the mummy in Phineas & Ferb. Of course.

We haven’t done my pumpkin yet. This morning, I had to wake Namine up for a doctor’s appointment (that we ended up cancelling because we forgot to have her teacher sign some papers, oh well). She was sitting on the couch, and she asked me, “Haha, can we do your pumpkin today?” I told her of course, but it would have to wait until tonight, when I got home from work. “Okay! We can do that!”

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