ENT clinic

Yesterday we had a clinic visit with Namine’s ENT doctor, Dr. Sulman. The meeting’s purpose was to talk about the clipping Namine’s frenulum (the webbing under her tongue), since she’s tongue-tied. I think the meeting went rather well.

A hard night

Namine had a rough night. She woke up a few times screaming, and it took us a while to get her calmed down enough to tell us what was wrong. She finally told me that her back hurt; so I rubbed it for a while, and when she said that it felt better, I laid her back into bed. That was somewhere around 3:30 this morning.

Monday’s ENT clinic

Next week Monday is the first meeting (of many, I fear) to discuss the clipping of Namine’s frenulum (that webbing underneath the tongue). This meeting is solely between us (Jessica and myself) and Namine’s primary ENT doctor. The Special Needs coordinating nurse is still working on getting a meeting involving every doctor set up.

School away from school

Jessica converted the dining area (which, to be fair, is not all that large in our apartment anyway) into a teaching corner. So, that’s not quite right. It’s more of a nook. She’s got a bulletin board, a magnetic calendar, and a whole bunch of new books. She’s even got next week’s lessons all planned out. She’s in full teaching mode and loving it.

Learning the wrong lesson

Namine was sick last week, so she has a boatload of schoolwork to catch up on. This is really the first time we’ve sat down with her to do schoolwork since she started school, although Jessica had been doing school time with her for a while prior.

Rational thought not included

We knew that we would be getting a follow-up call after Namine’s cleft palate clinic appointments. It was expected, if only because we’d already done the same thing six months ago. What we didn’t expect was the utter stupidity accompanying the call.

A second opinion

A couple weeks ago, Namine had an appointment at the cleft palate clinic. But this was no mere checkup. Six months ago, several doctors, pathologists, and other specialists evaluated Namine for mandibular and tongue surgery. They declared that she should be re-evaluated six months later; this was that re-evaluation.

At the pumpkin farm

Yesterday Jessica, Namine, and I joined Ann, Pete, and Olivia in going to the Jerry Smith’s Pumpkin Farm. Namine loved being pulled in the wagon with Olivia. I’m going to shut up for this post and let the pictures speak for themselves. They are more eloquent than I could ever hope to be.