More complications

To be as blunt and straightforward as possible: Namine is in danger of losing her left foot. She is in surgery now, and the doctors are doing all they can to ensure its safety.

Last night at 10:00, Namine was taken back for an emergency procedure on her left foot. Doctors were concerned that it wasn’t profusing correctly; it was blue and cold, and action needed to be taken quickly. She came out of the OR around 2:30 this morning, having had a vessel taken from her leg, grafted into the faulty artery in her foot. The operating doctor was quite happy with the results, especially since Namine’s foot almost immediately “pinked up,” in his terms; it regained its normal fleshy color. The blood flow and pulse in Namine’s foot would be checked hourly, to ensure that everything was still functioning properly.

Around 4:00 this morning, however, things took a turn for the worst. Namine’s foot no longer seemed to have blood flow; nurses couldn’t find it, nor could any doctors. A decision had to be made, and quickly: take her back to the OR or risk losing the foot altogether. As much as we hated to, we allowed Namine to be taken back into the OR. The procedure is the same as last night: first and foremost, it is an exploratory procedure to find the problem. It could be a clot in the vessel; the vessel itself might be spasming, or worse, have taken some sort of damage; or it could be something else altogether, something unforeseen.

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