Namine’s foot surgery is scheduled for May 22. We pray that it won’t be put off any longer; Namine’s feet are now in so much pain that she’s no longer walking in therapy.

It wasn’t the therapist’s call to stop her walking, though. That decision was made by the orthopedic doctor himself. Consequently, Namine gets to focus on other areas, like speech and craniosacral.

This not to say, however, that Namine is not standing or walking. We could hardly stop her, even if we were determined to! No, she still stands and walks as much as she likes at home. It is her pride, the joy of her heart to move as well as she can. When her feet hurt her too much, she stops on her own. The orthos don’t seem to think that she can do any damage that hasn’t already been done.

I’m pretty sure Namine’s feet hurt nearly all the time, but you wouldn’t know it. Occasionally she’ll ask if she can take off her socks and shoes (with nice flexible soles), but more often she’ll just do it without asking. Ever self-sufficient is she, and cheerful.

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