The best day ever

I love the weekends. It’s not that I don’t have to go to work; it’s not that I don’t have to dress up – although “business casual” can hardly be considered dressing up compared to wearing a tie. It’s being able to spend the day with my family.

Some time ago, Jessica and I decided that a haircut for Namine might be in order. She’s been eating her hair a lot lately; if her hair isn’t up, some of it had a tendency of ending up in her mouth. Just the other day, when we were eating dinner, Namine started choking. At first I thought that she just put too much food in her mouth (something that she does when she’s very excited about the meal), but then she took a hair out of her mouth. So a couple days ago, we asked Namine if she’d like a haircut. She said “Yeah!” We explained that this wouldn’t just be a trim; that her hair would be significantly shorter, but she’d still be able to have pigtails. (For all her tomboy-ish-ness, that’s still important.) She still thought it was a good idea.

When I got Namine dressed this morning, she wanted to wear her Spider-Man shirt (“Yeah! Pider-Man!”). I asked her if she was Spider-Girl. She said, “No, I’m Haha’s girl!” After getting Namine dressed, I put her on the couch and sat next to her. Before I could pick her up and put her on my lap to brush her hair, she leaned in and gave me a great squeeze. (I tend to forget how strong her arms are, but she can lift her entire body weight.) I heard, muffled by the biggest hug I’ve gotten in a while by the smallest person I know, “This is the best day ever, Haha! I love you so very much!”

Namine sat still for the haircut, for the most part. She was so excited, she could hardly contain herself. Every time she looked in the mirror, the biggest grin lit up her face. Then she’d look at us, beaming, so proud of how beautiful she was. Is. Despite our repeated telling her sit still, look straight ahead, she couldn’t help it. Could you blame her?

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