File this one away as one of those times that Namine just blew my mind. It’s not unknown to us that Namine will climb anything and everything she can to stand up. She can’t quite stand up on her own yet, but it’s not like she’d let something as insignificant as that stop her.

Namine has a rocking chair small enough for her to climb into, which she does. The table she sits at is also perfect height; Namine can climb into her chair and I can scoot her in. Since Namine started climbing into her rocking chair, we’ve eschewed her highchair in favor of her eating at her table.

Namine also has a little table, one she can sit on the floor and use – for eating, for setting toys on, whatever. It’s not much more than half a foot tall, just enough for her legs to rest under. Or for her to climb on, if the desire strikes her.

I had left an adult-sized chair out last night. Usually it sits out of the way, but in this particular circumstance it was just inside the living room. I’m pretty sure Namine’s thought process was something like, Something taller than me? I MUST CLIMB IT.

The thing to keep in mind is that Namine’s little table (the second one I mentioned, the little little one) was nowhere near the chair. I’ve seen Namine climb stuff before – and it’s not the first time she’s climbed that green chair, either. But it is the first time Namine has moved an object, and of her own volition, no less, in order to climb something. Namine moved the little table in order to give herself an extra step.

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