Namine got her hair trimmed today.

It may seem like a silly thing, to post about Namine getting a haircut. She’s gotten haircuts before, with little fanfare. But Namine hasn’t had a haircut in a year — literally — and for good reason.

Namine decided of her own accord, after last year’s pixie cut, that she wanted to give her hair to someone who didn’t have it. This has been on her mind for over a year, which (in my opinion) shows tremendous resolve.

On the other hand, it does tangle rather easily.

To that end, we’ve discovered that Namine’s hair grows at different rates. As a result, her hair is longer in some places than others, so we decided to get it evened out, trim off the split ends, that kind of thing. It’ll be healthier for her hair in the long run, anyway.

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