Oh, don’t look at me like that. I couldn’t help it. Anyway, Namine had an impromptu ENT clinic visit yesterday. The night before, we thought we saw some drainage, much to our dismay. So we took her in.

To our relief, Namine’s ear is not draining. In fact, it’s clear. That definitely takes a load of our minds; we’d been running through the possibility – again, again – of another ear sucking session at ENT. Thankfully, that did not need to happen.

I forget just how tall Namine actually is now. I’m so used to her sitting and scooting; but more and more, she pulls herself up and stands in front of the couch, or her car (which she has no problem getting in and out of), or her toy kitchen set. She also likes to sit on tall things, like Jessica’s cakepan. Namine is growing so much, and I still sometimes think of her as being tiny. But she weighs nearly 30 pounds, and her torso is up to a 3T. Her bottom half is smaller – it always will be – but growing according to her own perfect ratio.

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