September 2011

  • I love watching Namine color!

  • Special needs picnic

    Special needs picnic

    Today was the Children’s Hospital special needs picnic. We had quite a fun time last year, and we were looking forward to going again. This was the perfect opportunity to show off Namine’s wheelchair – but more importantly, her skill in navigating it.

  • The child who never was

    The child who never was

    I’ve seen quite a bit lately on Twitter about grieving your child’s special needs.

  • Thoughts on Google+

    I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. I’m most active on Facebook and Twitter – I really don’t post on Google+ very much, maybe a picture here or there every couple days. I just wanted to organize my thoughts here on why I use Facebook and Twitter more than Google+, when I feel that Google+ really is superior to what I feel are its two biggest rivals, at least as far as social networking goes.

  • Namine in her wheelchair

    Namine in her wheelchair

    Just in case you haven’t seen pictures of Namine in her wheelchair, here are the most recent ones. Some of these were taken at school, and some at the doctor’s office.

  • After the doctor visit

    Namine’s doctor appointment came and went with little fanfare. She sounds great – with not so much as a cough now – and had no difficulty blowing the little pinwheel for the pediatrician. (She gets better and better at it every time. Speech therapists and pathologists would be proud.)

  • The cold that won’t quit

    Or whatever it is that we got sick from, anyway.

  • School, ENT, and that crazy IEP

    Today concludes Namine’s first day of school – although unfortunately cut a little short due to an ENT appointment. We’re glad she enjoys school, but today that backfired a little. She was quite unhappy to leave school, especially for the hospital.

  • Prayers for a friend

    Please pray for Namine’s Birth To Three physical therapist. She just found out that she has an aggressive form of breast cancer. She’s now in the hospital getting chemo.

  • Ear tubes and therapy

    Ear tubes and therapy

    So Namine has been fighting this cold, cough – whatever it is – for a few days now. Since Friday, I think. She’s been seen by a doctor a few times; both at the pediatrician’s office and the Quick Care (or whatever it’s called) – because on Sunday, the pediatrician’s is closed. Each time, we have feared ear infection.

  • First day of school

    First day of school

    One might downplay today’s events, but not me. I know full well the significance of Namine’s first day of school – and not only because it is the first day of school. No, for Jessica and myself, this day means much, much more.

  • Proverbs 22:6

    I took a video of Namine tonight. Check it out!