One of those days

Namine woke herself up this morning – 4:00 in the morning, to be precise – coughing a familiar barking cough. Of course, both Jessica and I were half asleep. (I don’t actually remember running from our room to Namine’s; I’ve just filed that one away as acting on parental instinct.)

Ear infection again, again

Namine has another ear infection. So once again, she’s on ear drops – though this time, it’s her right ear that’s infected. It must not be as painful as the last time. Namine hasn’t complained of her ear hurting; Jessica noticed some drainage, so she took her in to see the pediatrician.

Staying home from school

Today marks the second day that Namine will have been kept home from school. Little kids being what they are (petri dishes for sickness), we can’t send Namine off to school with a fever, which she’s had for two days now. Lots of rest are in order, and she should be feeling fine for school next week.


Last night was the first night in several days that Namine didn’t wake up in the middle of the night crying. We used to suspect that she has nightmares, but our suspicions are confirmed and we wonder no longer at the subject of those terrible dreams.

Someone likes school. A LOT.

Jessica and Namine were running late after therapy this afternoon. So late that Namine would miss half of her school day – although in this case “day” is only two and a half hours. So Jessica gave Namine the choice – go to school, or go home. The answer? “School!”

Special needs picnic

Today was the Children’s Hospital special needs picnic. We had quite a fun time last year, and we were looking forward to going again. This was the perfect opportunity to show off Namine’s wheelchair – but more importantly, her skill in navigating it.