Namine’s doctor appointment came and went with little fanfare. She sounds great – with not so much as a cough now – and had no difficulty blowing the little pinwheel for the pediatrician. (She gets better and better at it every time. Speech therapists and pathologists would be proud.)

The doctor believes that Namine’s congestion and coughing this mornign were due to merely being drainage; just phlegm (is that word really any better than saying “boogers”?) gone down her throat during the night that she needed to clear out. Her lungs certainly sound fine now, with nothing for the doctor to be concerned about.

As Namine gets used to having her wheelchair in school (and to further improve her maneuverability), we’re trying more to put her in it everywhere. So at the doctor’s office, Jessica put Namine in her wheelchair so she could wheel herself in and out of the office. (Obviously, she can’t climb up onto the examination table, so I took her out for that.) Her control is definitely improving. She still gets so excited at being in control of her own movement – and so fast – that she loses control occasionally, but she corrects better and faster every day. As we left the doctor’s office this afternoon, Namine just had to wave (“Watch where you’re going!”) and say goodbye to everyone.

On Fridays Namine is supposed to have both physical and speech therapy, but the prior authorization for PT hasn’t come through yet. Mr. Mick (there are no last names at therapy), Namine’s physical therapist – who, by the way, has a british accent that Namine shows from time to time – went on a rant today about how stupid the system is. I couldn’t help but laugh.


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