Special needs picnic

Today was the Children’s Hospital special needs picnic. We had quite a fun time last year, and we were looking forward to going again. This was the perfect opportunity to show off Namine’s wheelchair – but more importantly, her skill in navigating it.

We saw Dr. Gordon, Namine’s special needs doctor, and Carrie, his nurse. We met the new special needs doctor – Alex something or other, I don’t remember his last name. (It’s good that Dr. Gordon was able to hire another SN doctor, as he’s been worked far too hard, in my opinion.) Everyone was quite impressed with how well Namine was able to negotiate her wheelchair, and especially how well she followed directions. (This was true for the picnic, at least. When we went to the mall after the picnic, to pick up a book for Namine under her therapist’s orders, she was tired and sassy and not listening very well.) We had hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, and chips for lunch. Namine won a game and a coloring book from a raffle, and she got her face painted.

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