Today concludes Namine’s first day of school – although unfortunately cut a little short due to an ENT appointment. We’re glad she enjoys school, but today that backfired a little. She was quite unhappy to leave school, especially for the hospital.

Thankfully, the appointment went well and without incident. We have been told several times now by Namine’s pediatrician – and not just her doctor, but also other doctors in the pediatrician’s office – that the tube in her left ear was loose. Today, Namine’s ENT doctor told us that is not the case. It’s just fine where it is, nice and secure. (That’s a load off our mind, believe you me. Now maybe the pediatricians can take a class or something about ear tubes.)

And as far as Namine’s complaints about her ear go, there could be several reasons. It could be sinus pressure (remember that she might have a sinus infection, for which she’s taking an antibiotic), or her jaw (healing and/or growing bone, in which it has had holes drilled from during the jaw distraction), or just plain old growing pains. The good news is, she most definitely doesn’t have an ear infection.

By now, I am happy to say, Namine’s teachers and other school-employed personnel have witnessed firsthand that she can, after all, use more than three words in a sentence. Consequently, they want to amend the IEP’s goals – as far as speech goes, anyway. I don’t think I need to elucidate how happy we are at that.

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