See that shirt? I have that shirt. It’s one of Namine’s favorites, because it has what she calls “chickies” on it. The other day, I was wearing it and Namine pointed to the pictures.

“Haha, there are chickies on your shirt!”

“Yes, those are chickies.”

“And sauce!”

“Yes, that’s the sauce the chickies are dunked in.” I figured that would be all, because really, that’s all there is to the picture. But not quite.

“That’s soy sauce!”

I was a little stunned. I don’t think I ever told her that the bottle of sauce in the picture was soy sauce. If I ever did, it was a long time ago. So in tracking the course of our amazing daughter’s development, I think I can reach one of two conclusions.

First, if I ever did tell Namine that it was soy sauce and she remembered, that’s a pretty good memory. Second, she might be sounding things out. Either way, it’s awesome to see her progressing.

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