Namine’s first Covid vaccine

Despite our trepidation on the matter, Namine has received the first of two COVID-19 vaccination shots.

Our decision to let Namine get the vaccination was not arrived at lightly. Since it was approved for ages 12 and up, we have wanted her to get the vaccine. Reported heart-related side effects concerned us, however. The last thing we wanted was to end up back in the hospital — especially now that we live farther away from Children’s Hospital.

Namine’s cardiologist understood our concern and felt that the benefits outweighed the risks. At her last heart checkup, he gave us his approval for Namine to get the vaccine. He explained that as long as she was in good health prior to the vaccine, the side effects should be no worse than any physio-typical child.

The vaccination appointment itself was no different from any of Namine’s many bloodwork appointments. Needles and immediate pain do not bother her, not since she decided she would fear them no longer. (Hers is a willpower I wish I possessed!) Her only apprehension was the possibility of a reaction to the vaccine. For that, we will have to wait and see.

Prior to leaving for the appointment, Namine brought out a Band-Aid from the first-aid kit. “I need this for after getting my shot,” she declared.

I said, “You know they have Band-Aids at the hospital, right?” I looked at the size of it. “And smaller, considering how your skin reacts to adhesive.”

“Yes, but I want to bring my own.” She held it out for me to see. “And they don’t have Psyduck Band-Aids.”

Well, I couldn’t argue with that. And she did bring it with her, because when she and Jessica arrived back home, I could plainly see that she was proudly sporting that Psyduck bandage.

Namine also came home with a new shirt. That’s right, she not only got a sticker (as Jessica and I did) but also a new t-shirt. We didn’t get a shirt. What the heck, man? ?

In seriousness, though, the shirt came with a Sharpie and a space to write the reason for getting the vaccine. After giving it some thought, Namine decided that the reason most important to her was for the safety of her family.

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