I’m happy to announce that Team Namine’s T-shirt design is officially approved, and will be printed on our shirts!

Join Team Namine for Al’s Run

The past couple of years, the designs I’ve made for our Al’s Run shirts have been about Namine’s conditions in one way or another. The first year was related to her heart, and last year’s had the ribbons from all three defects which comprise her diagnosis of femoral facial syndrome.

But this year, we’re doing something a little more fun. Since Namine is older, Jessica and I decided we’d involve her in the creative process of coming up with a design for our Al’s Run shirts.

When I asked Namine what she’d like on the back of the shirts, she knew immediately what she wanted.

“Draw a picture of me and you running!”

How could I saw no to that? Unfortunately, I am not very good at drawing realistic things, especially the likeness of real people. So I drew what I was comfortable with. I think it turned out nicely. And Namine loves it, which is really the important part.

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