It’s a fancy word for leg or ankle braces, really. Namine had an appointment today to get fitted for her new leg braces. What we’ve been calling her “braces” are just the lower halves of her casts. In order to begin therapy to build strength in her legs – the ultimate goal being to see if she will be able to walk – she needs real braces, with hinges and that provide real support.

Namine and her medicine

Jessica and I didn’t get a whole lot of that parent-baby time you usually get when the baby is first born. We were never woken up by a crying child in the middle of the night – by the time Namine came home, she was over seven months old, and slept pretty well through the night. So we’re especially sensitive to the signs of Namine growing and maturing, partly because it reminds us that we weren’t able to give her nearly as much babying time as we wanted to.

National Special Needs Parents Day? No way.

Ellen from Love That Max brought to my attention that Congress is considering a National Special Needs Parents Day. My initial reaction is a seething rage. It feels patronizing. It feels like pity. It feels like the government is saying, “Oh, sorry you got stuck with that kid. You know, the one with the problems.” As hotheaded as I am, I think that might be an overreaction – but even after careful thought, I am completely against it. Let me tell you why.

Cast-off day

Of course when Jessica told Namine this morning that she was going to see her foot doctor, she started freaking out. But today is no ordinary day, and this was no ordinary visit to the orthopedic clinic. Today Namine’s casts were removed, and she is much happier.

Pajama drama

Well, maybe not so much drama with her pajamas per se, but with bedtime in general. And you wonder, what happened to my well-behaved little girl? Is she in extra pain? Is she not feeling well? And then it dawns on you – oh yeah. She’s two.

Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been honored for the Versatile Blogger Award, which appears to be a sort of meme-type of recognition of bloggers by bloggers, by fatherpov. As I understand it, in order to accept, I have to share seven things about myself, and nominate seven other bloggers. You can see how quickly this would propagate itself across the internet, but this is a good thing. Recognition is always nice, but it means so much more when it comes from peers in your community. (Virtual community, yes, but community nonetheless.)

Once more, with feeling

Jessica called ortho yesterday, with the hope that they would be able to tell us something useful. We still don’t know what will happen once the casts come off – in regards to leg braces, therapy, or just general good old day-to-day care.