Jessica and I didn’t get a whole lot of that parent-baby time you usually get when the baby is first born. We were never woken up by a crying child in the middle of the night – by the time Namine came home, she was over seven months old, and slept pretty well through the night. So we’re especially sensitive to the signs of Namine growing and maturing, partly because it reminds us that we weren’t able to give her nearly as much babying time as we wanted to.

Since we started weaning Namine off of her g-tube, she has been very good about taking her medicine without putting up a fuss. Usually, now, she’ll demand that we say the name of the medicine, which she will repeat to the best of her ability (getting better every day), before she’ll allow us to give it to her. A while back, I started handing Namine her aspirin in the morning, and allow her to put it in her own mouth to chew and swallow. This thrilled her to no end.

Tonight, I am again reminded of how independent she is – and probably would be even more so, were she able to walk. She certainly scoots around with wild abandon; she moves faster than you’d expect, especially with the half-casts on her legs. But I digress. Namine doesn’t have the hand strength yet to plunge the larger syringes that we draw her medicine with – even the 2mL ones are difficult for her – so I drew her medicine tonight using entirely just the 1mL syringes. (That hand and finger strength is one of the many things that we and her therapist are working on with her. She has fantastic fine motor control, but not the strength, yet.)

The following video was taken tonight, after having brought her medicine into the living room to her. The rest is all her, accompanied by a little encouragement from yours truly. She is two, after all. Even smart two year olds are sassy from time to time. (Probably more often than not, I’d wager.)

I apologize for the darkness of the video. I didn’t realize until after I’d uploaded it how dark it is.


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