I’ve been honored for the Versatile Blogger Award, which appears to be a sort of meme-type of recognition of bloggers by bloggers, by fatherpov. As I understand it, in order to accept, I have to share seven things about myself, and nominate seven other bloggers. You can see how quickly this would propagate itself across the internet, but this is a good thing. Recognition is always nice, but it means so much more when it comes from peers in your community. (Virtual community, yes, but community nonetheless.)

  1. My twitter handle, “wavetree,” is an approximation of Namine’s name translated to English.
  2. I am a web developer, but I went to school for computer networking.
  3. My favorite genre of movie would fall under the category “zombie apocolypse.”
  4. I like to draw everything but people (realistically). I am horrible at drawing people. Cartoons are my best, I think, because it doesn’t have to be grounded in reality.
  5. I think video games have desensitized me to blood and gore, enabling me to deal with Namine’s numerous blood draws, surgeries, and other procedures (like the jaw distractors, which might have been the worst so far, but open heart surgery recovery was pretty bad too).
  6. For a time, Jessica and I considered adopting. Then God gave Namine to us.
  7. Having a special needs child, each day is an adventure and never fails to bring the unexpected. Jessica and I are blessed to have such a family!

And now, to name the seven I would, in turn, nominate. These are not the only ones I read (see the sidebar), but these authors are insightful and have inspired me to write more, research Namine’s own conditions more, and be more of the parent Namine needs me to be.

Jacob is a fellow CHW patient, whose parents have given us advice, support, and encouragement.

Stephanie was hospitalized for her heart when Namine had to have heart surgery as well. A classmate and friend of my sister, she is also an awesome photographer (I may have some bias due to the subject matter ;).

Ellen is the insightful and witty mother of Max, a special needs boy with special powers.

Janis is another inspiration of writing, photography, and all-around gushing about special needs kids.

TherExtras has been the inspiration of more than a few posts, and as a therapist, has given me excellent advice and suggestions.

Dana is a blog designer and special needs parent fighting for her son, Mason.

Bertrant is an awesome special needs kid with loving parents.

I hope each of these great people will accept in turn and help spread awareness and education of special needs, however they may manifest themselves.

Husband. Daddy. Programmer. Artist. I'm not an expert, I just play one in real life.


  1. Thanks, Paul! I will respond as soon as I can – meaning sometime in the next 5 days!

    I really like learning new things about you – always good to know people who know computers!

  2. In my 4th year of blogging I have taken-to giving my seven ‘things’ in the comments of the blogger giving the award. (That’s number 1)

    2. This week my life has been dominated by our pets starting with a 3-hour visit to the vet with a sick kitty. (The only reason I agreed to the $300+ cost of lab tests was because Teen tearfully promised to pay for it. Today I take her to apply for a seasonal job.)

    3. I believe there are strong correlations with the behavior of a toddler and a teen. (You have been warned.)

    4. (Hubby and) I discuss our ‘retirement’ plans virtually everyday. Everyday.

    5. Our Teen has accused me of loving my blog more than her. (Not true, of course. “You don’t love me enough” is a typical child manipulation.)

    6. I experience mild stress when I am off-line for more than a day.

    7. Sometimes I can’t believe I am as old as I am.

    Well, enough about me! I look forward to continue reading about Namine and her amazing parents. Thanks, Paul!

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