Less than stellar news

Don’t freak out, this isn’t about Namine. Last night, Jessica found out that her mom had been taken to the hospital. Of course, it wasn’t as simple as that (as if a trip to the hospital is at all simple to begin with). She’s stabilized now, but they still don’t know what’s wrong. The doctors did some tests last night, but no results have come back yet. I’ll keep everyone updated as we get information.

Namine’s trach removal is tomorrow

I don’t think I can get any more straightforward than that. Most of you reading this have probably been following Namine’s progress pretty closely; I try to keep the blog updated regularly, even with as crazy busy as we are. But for anybody not in the know, Namine has had a tracheostomy tube for two years. She was a mere two months old when they put the trach in because she couldn’t breathe on her own. Her airway was too small and couldn’t handle it; she had a cleft palate, and her jaw was not developed enough.

Appointment day

Namine had an appointment today, a checkup visit with Dr. Denny, her plastic surgeon. (Why are they called plastic surgeons? They operate on people.) Just to make sure her jaw is doing okay, and all that lovely stuff. And tomorrow’s the big day! We check in at the hospital tomorrow at 10.

Music class

My mom and dad picked Namine up to take her to some kind of music class this morning. I’ll update everybody on how it went later. In the meantime, Jess, her sister Chyral, and I are going to pick up the cake and go to the baby shower. We’ll all meet there and then I think someone will go with me to bring Namine home.

Namine’s fever is going down

I took Namine’s temp tonight before putting her to bed, and it was 99. That’s down from 100, so we’re getting there. She’s chewing on damn near everything, and this was even after dinner, so I’m pretty sure her teeth are bothering her. I know her two-year molars are coming in, so that would pretty much do it. Read on for more family news.


Cross your fingers that this doesn’t get worse, or better yet, that it passes completely in less than 5 days. Because that’s how long Namine has until her decannulation appointment, and she has a fever. It’s not terribly bad, but it’s still worrisome. She’s still in high spirits, but that’s about par for her. Half the time, when she’s sick you wouldn’t even know it because she’s always so cheerful and active. Of course, it could just be her teeth, which have been bothering her for some time now.

Countdown to decannulation

Well, kids, we’re in the final week before Namine gets rid of her trach. We check in at the hospital at 10 next Tuesday, but beyond that, no one’s told us any procedure. Not like winging it is something new to us. But enough about that. There’s nothing new on that front; we know what we need to know, and in time we’ll discover the rest. So read on for food fun!

Where are the pictures?

When I made Namine’s picture page, I had a specific categorization in mind. It made sense to me to make it a child page of Namine’s about page. They were both concerning Namine, after all, and I thought her about page was more important than her pictures page. But I recently had two people complain about the layout – they couldn’t find the pictures page. So I’ve moved the pictures page to be next to Namine’s about page, not inside its dropdown. I’m still keeping her professionally taken second birthday pictures as child pages, but as child pages of the main picture page.