When I made Namine’s picture page, I had a specific categorization in mind. It made sense to me to make it a child page of Namine’s about page. They were both concerning Namine, after all, and I thought her about page was more important than her pictures page. But I recently had two people complain about the layout – they couldn’t find the pictures page. So I’ve moved the pictures page to be next to Namine’s about page, not inside its dropdown. I’m still keeping her professionally taken second birthday pictures as child pages, but as child pages of the main picture page.

Any feedback – positive or negative – anyone might have concerning the site’s navigation is always welcome. Does something not make sense? How can I make it make sense? This isn’t for me, it’s for you. It’s so you can keep up with how Namine is doing, so I want that information to be as easy to access as possible.

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