September 2010

  • Namine is sick again

    Last night we saw some crusties around Namine’s right ear. No active drainage, but crusties (Give me a break. what word would you use?) are enough of an indication of an infection. So Jessica and my mom took Namine to see her pediatrician this morning.

  • Brought to you by the letter F

    An example of use is: “The effing state is cutting off our nursing.” That’s right, kids, since Namine is now without a trach (believe me, not really complaining), the state has decreed that in roughly two weeks’ time, we don’t get any more nursing. At least they gave us some advance notice. (Yeah, two and…

  • A good night

    Last night, Namine slept through her third trach-less, no-help-from-oxygen night, ever.

  • Sickness, scarfing, and scooting, oh my

    Namine is doing better and better every day, but she’s not quite 100% yet. She still needs oxygen while she sleeps, and she’s still coughing a little bit during the day. But she’s done with her Tobi meds and oral antibiotic, she’s coughing less, and what little she is coughing, she’s getting mucus out of…

  • Equipment failure

    At least, equipment malfunction. After last night, I’m convinced that’s what happened. Namine slept through the night, oxygen mask strapped securely over her face. The pulseox, on the other hand, beeped, booped, and otherwise alarmed for the better part of the night. Read on for more equipment woes.

  • We tire of the hospital

    Thankfully, we did not have to go to the hospital again tonight, but we almost did. During Namine’s afternoon nap, the pulseox reported O2 sats of 75 and under. Namine, being sick, should still be able to keep it above 80. If she doesn’t, we’re under doctor’s orders to call her pediatrician. Jessica did, and…

  • Good news and bad

    The good news, of course, is that Namine came home from the hospital yesterday.

  • Still in the hospital

    Namine will be in the hospital for at least tonight, maybe tomorrow night as well. She still has an infection, and she’s still coughing up mucus, though admittedly it’s not green mucus anymore. Her disposition has improved quite a bit, though she’s not quite her usual lively (and hungry) self. We’ll get there, though.

  • Namine’s stoma infection

    Namine is in the hospital again. Following on the heels of last night’s post (actually, it was probably early morning) is the news that Jessica and my mom took her into the ER this morning.

  • Respiratory distress

    We had our first trach-less scare, tonight. I have talked before about how Namine has always had intestinal troubles; well, tonight she was a whole lot of pain, trying to push something out. Couple that with dealing with her trach being gone, and you have a recipe for trouble. She’s sleeping soundly, if not a…

  • Less than stellar news

    Don’t freak out, this isn’t about Namine. Last night, Jessica found out that her mom had been taken to the hospital. Of course, it wasn’t as simple as that (as if a trip to the hospital is at all simple to begin with). She’s stabilized now, but they still don’t know what’s wrong. The doctors…

  • A sudden lack of trache

    A sudden lack of trache

    I’m happy to say that Namine is safely home, and she’s asleep in her own bed again.