We should have named her “Hoover”

Namine is eating so much now that her palate is fixed, it’s not even funny. When I got home from work last night, she still had therapy going. The therapist told me she ate so much stuff (of course I don’t remember everything) and then for dinner, she ate even more. She likes puffcorn (like […]

Father’s day

If I have any regrets as a father, it is that Namine will never meet on this side of heaven her Grandpa Tarver. I have met few people so unafraid to speak exactly what is on their mind. When I first met him, I thought him to be a harsh man. I thank God for […]

Namine’s trach/vent clinic visit

Today is the last day that Namine has to wear arm restraints! Yay! Nothing really much to report from Namine’s trach/vent clinic visit. Last time, they found that she had an infection in her right ear. That’s gone now. We should find out soon if we can get her decannulated this summer. Speaking of, we […]

Namine’s ortho clinic visit

So we took Namine to her second ortho clinic visit. The first one was a long time ago now, so they wanted to see her again. I can never seem to remember the ortho doctor’s name, maybe it’ll come to me as I type this. Anyway, he explained basically the same thing he explained over […]

Namine’s office visit

After picking Jessica and Namine up from the clinic visit at the hospital, we stopped by my office, which happens to be just down the road. I don’t remember if we’ve ever taken Namine into my work to play show-and-tell before, but if we have, it was a long time ago. So either way, it […]

Waw waw

I set Namine down in the kitchen so I could draw all her meds this morning, by a bunch of her toys and books. Then I went into the living room to set up her breathing treatments. She followed me there a little while later scooting along on her bottom, all the while clutching one […]