Going home!

Kids, it’s official. They discharged Namine this morning, and now we’re going home! Nothing has really changed, as far as Namine’s condition. We’ll keep you posted on how she’s doing.

Sleep, perchance to dream

Namine is asleep, at last. Since we’re here in the hospital, and she’s feeling so crappy, we have temporarily suspended our rule that Namine is to nap no later than 5, maybe 6 in the evening. We came to deciding on this rule, as all parents come to decide what is best for their children: […]

The path to recovery

Namine is asleep, so I think now is as good a time as any to update everyone on how she’s doing. The hardest thing a parent has to do, I think, is sit and watch their child in sickness, knowing they can do little to lessen the pain, and nothing at all to improve their […]

A turn for the worse

While the cleft palate repair itself was successful, Namine has developed complications. She has had a lot more blood than the doctors expected in her stomach, which is making it upset. She almost threw up once, so they gave her something to ease the nausea. She also has quite a bit of blood in her […]

Palate closure successful!

Well, kids, that was fast. Not long after I had finished updating the blog, Dr. Denny came out and said he was done. It turns out that since Namine was already asleep, he just started without coming to talk to us. Namine was, as always, a great patient. They were able to do a 2-sided […]

And now, to wait

We just got back here in the waiting room, after they took Namine back for surgery. The operating doctor, Dr. Denny, is stuck in traffic, but he’s going to come out and talk to us before starting the procedure. We think the surgery will take about 2 hours, but we’ll see, I guess. It’s about […]

Tomorrow is the big day

Well, kids, it’s almost here: the cleft palate repair. Namine is scheduled to be taken back for surgery at 7:30, and we have to be at the hospital by 6. As we’re used to by now, she’ll only get her night feed until midnight tonight, Pedialyte until 4. Jess and I will most likely just […]