Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to quickly update everyone.  We had to bring Namine in on Sunday to the Hospital.  She was having crazy heart rates.  They still don’t know what was causing it and they sent us home today.  If I get a video of her laughing and talking then I will have Paul post it tonight.  She is just so happy to be home.

Back to her heart rates.  It was over 200 Friday morning and she had a fever so we brought her to the ER and she was fine, no fever nothing.  We got home she puked and pooped all over and we changed her trac and she puked again.  So we called the hospital to special needs and they told us to start the antibiotic.  Friday night her heart rate dropped down into the low 50s, I would just nudge her and she shoot back up to 90.  She also kept having apnea alarms on the vent so I didn’t get any sleep.  Then Saturday she was fine.  Nothing:D or so we thought.  Saturday night her heart rate dropped down in the 50s again and Paul nudged her and she shot up to 70 and dropped back down again and so he had to wake her up and then she was fine, but Sunday morning her heart rate was over 210.  Again we called special needs and they told us to bring her in.  They wanted to monitor her for at 24 hours, but they kept her an extra day for more heart monitoring with a halter monitor.  No evidence at all of what we were talking about.  Now we have to wait and see if anything comes back from the halter.

All I can say is she is home and as happy as can be.  It is time to eat and get her ready for bed.  I will try and keep you all posted and I will talk to you all later.

Thank-you all for the prayers and concerns.  Keep storming heaven for our little angel.

God’s Blessings,
Jessica, Paul and Namine Eiche

  • Jennifer Schultz

    I will never forget the time I saw Jacob’s heart rate at 233. It is scary, isn’t it??? I’m sorry you were in again but happy it was a short one.

  • Michele Eiche

    Just wanted to say I love you all. Glad you’re getting settled in your new apartment.
    Grandma E.