Well it has been a crazy weekend and a crazy week ahead. Namine doesn’t have any appointments this week, but starting next Friday I think we have one every day for the next couple of weeks.

I will try and take a whole bunch of pictures and put them up for everyone. I shouldn’t say i will do it, Paul will do it because I really don’t know how. I am not a PC and I am 29 years old. :)

Just a little update. Namine is doing great. She is growing and getting stronger she is not liking the vent a little more each day, but she is having a harder time breathing with allergies and what not that is going on. Plus having a trac makes her more susceptible to having lung problems. So even on nice days we have to be extra cautious. So if they tell people not to go outside we can’t leave the apartment unless we absolutely have to.

We did bring Namine to church on Sunday. That is always an adventure. We always leave with enough time but somehow always end up late. It is really hard going to church with all of her equipment. We can’t sit in the sanctuary we have to sit in the mother’s room so it makes it difficult for me to pay attention, and you can’t see the pastor.

I need to get her to sleep so I will have Paul post new pictures tonight and I will talk to you all later.

Keep us in your prayers and keep everyone that is sick in your prayers and as we have seen before miracles happen.

God’s blessings,
Jessica, Paul and Namine Eiche