Man oh man. If everyone were trained to make changes that would be exciting for us. We had a couple of doctors visits this past week and they made some vent changes. The first changes I could do myself, but the other changes neither Paul or myself could change so we have to wait for home care medical to come and change things, only they were supposed to come on Friday and never did. Now we have to change the vents around and that is a just a pain in the but.

On the Topic of Namine, though, the reason you come to the site, she is doing fabulous. And I can’t remember if I told you that if she keeps stating in the low 90’s like she has been no third heart surgery. YAY! But as for other updates, we are meeting with Dr. Dennie on the 18, and Dr. Tommetz on the 27th. When we find out what is going on we will definitely let everyone know. She has no appointments this week. We see Dr. Camarda on the 15 and hopefully they will be taking her off the lasix, that stuff is not helping I think. Namine is such a happy baby she is sprouting teeth and biting everything she can grip her little fingers around. She bites hard! She plays her alligator piano with her hands and her feet, she loves music. She sings along sometimes. She loves going out on the patio when it is sunny out. She is trying to figure out what shadows are. She kept hitting my arm, then she would rub it and then she was pinching it and I looked down and realized she was trying to get the shadow of the plant off of my arm. Namine has six teeth and two more coming in. She is going to have a mouth full before we know it. She was talking to her Auntie Mel today by saying “HI!” hi hi hi it was cute. She is waving and giving high fives. It is adorable.

I know that this message was much of a ramble, but I wanted to let everyone know what was going on. It is late and I am going to go to bed. We love you all and thank-you for all of the prayers. We ask that you keep storming heaven and we will keep seeing miracles.
God’s Blessings,
Jessica, Paul and Namine Eiche


  1. Love the new pics that were added specially like the one of her picking her nose its so cute eli does the same thing all the time drives me nuts lol

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