Warm weather what have you done. You have made our allergies go bonkers, bonkers, bonkers so my poor husband is sicker than a dog. He aches and sneezes his ribs hurt from falling on the ice, our room is littered with Kleenex (oh wait he picked them up). Namine is stuck at CHW I hope she will come home soon. Oh warm weather please leave so we can not have Allergies.

Alright that was my little song. It was quite interesting. You should have been here while I was singing. :) Namine did not come yesterday because they wanted to run a couple of tests to find out why her heart rate has been high this past week, and to see if she had an infection in her leg. Well nothing has come back out of the ordinary with Namine, but as you can tell from above Paul is sick again.

They are going to give him until Wednesday and then they are going to send her home. It is just non-stop sickness. If we aren’t sick she is. I hope that you all have a Happy Valentine’s!

God’s Blessings to each and everyone of you and the prayers that have reached heaven are being answered. We love you even if we don’t know you, we thank-you even if we don’t know, we appreciate you even if we don’t know you. God is listening and answering and giving us miracles over and over again.

Jessica, Paul and Namine Eiche