Well I don’t know where to begin.  Namine started with just more secretions and a slight fever at the beginning of the which grew to no fever, but vomiting and diarrhea like crazy.  She has had probably about 7 blowouts since Friday.  We have talked with her pulmanologist and the regular pediatrician and now the special needs doctor.  Needless to say she might have to go in for at least fluids which might be a couple of hours or a couple of days depending on Namine.

Sometimes when you have a child that is sick you pray that you don’t have to bring them to the ER, in our case we always ask should we bring her in or wait a couple of hours and see.  Usually waiting is a bad idea in Namine’s case.  But this time that she is sick is acting strange.  She is not lethargic like she usually gets.  She is happy, laughing, talking, scooting and the whole nine yards.  I do believe that it is allergies and that is why she is so secrety.  I was fine until Wednesday and then all of a sudden it hit me too.  My allergies have been driving me crazy.  This is the same problem we had with Namine last year around this same time.  I think it just came early because of the higher pollen count and her wanting to be outside.

We will keep everyone posted as to what happens tomorrow.  She has four doctor appointments to go to tomorrow and we will see what they say.  She doesn’t seem dehydrated which is what they were leaning towards, but I am not a doctor, but if I had to guess I would put my money on allergies.

Keep us in your prayers and we will update tomorrow.  God’s Blessings to all of you!

P.S. Happy Belated EASTER!

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

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