Hello Family and Friends,
We are going home on Monday December, 15. YAY!!!!! Paul and I have done our training on the vent/c-pap machine. We both get to spend the night at the hospital on Saturday :( The bed isn’t the most comfortable. Whatever we have to do to get her home, we don’t care. We have some nursing set up for when we come home and the rest will be figured out when we meet on Saturday.

If you all could email your addresses so that we can send Christmas cards I would appreciate it. We have pictures for you all if we can get them out on time:)

Namine is doing great. She is just amazing at how she just rolls with the flow. She is just a bright and cheery person. Whenever I need a pick me up I just look at the pictures on the site when I couldn’t go and see her and when I could see her it was even better. She is doing great with all of her treatments and adapting to the vent/trac collar/HME. She is improving and getting better and it just amazes me to see her going through all of this and she still has a smile on her face. She is growing and getting bigger everytime I see her. She was 12 and half pounds on Sunday. I just can’t believe how far she has come. She can hold her head up and she is starting to learn how to sit and it is just amazing.

We appreciate all of your prayers and cards and comments. Please keep the prayers coming, miracles do happen.

Jessica, Paul and Namine Eiche