Namine had an appointment on Monday to have an ultrasound taken of her legs. After all is said and done, it went well – but we won’t know the results until a doctor tells us. But Namine was very still, and let the tech do her job.

The first thing Namine said to me upon going back into the ultrasound room was, “Doctor hurt me.” Not a question, but a statement. An assumption that at the hospital, she will unquestionably be caused pain. My heart breaks. “No, honey,” I said. “This will not hurt. They’re just taking pictures of your legs.” But this wasn’t exactly the right thing to say, either; X-rays are pictures, and she hates those.

Of course the room is dark and I have to lay Namine down on the bed/table thing with the paper sheet on it. “No! Hold me! No, please, Haha, no, please hold me!” I force her to lay down, assuring her all the while that I am right here, nothing bad will happen, I am right here. Once Namine accepted that there was no pain involved – and all it really took was showing her as much – she was fine. She lay still, not moving her legs at all until the ultrasound was done.

Now, we wait for word from the doctor.

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