Memorial Day weekend sickies

Both Jessica and Namine were sick over Memorial Day weekend, but we still were able to enjoy ourselves.

We had plans for Memorial Day weekend, but both Jessica and Namine getting sick changed that. On Saturday, we meant to head over to Jessica’s sister’s house. Then on Monday, we would spend the day with my aunt. But rather than risk getting anyone sick, we stayed home.

The weather was nice on Sunday evening, so we grilled out. We made burgers, brats, and something we call “tin foil veggies.” We cut up potatoes, carrots, and onions; wrapped them up inside aluminum foil; and cooked it on the grill alongside the grilled meat. (We had so much fun grilling out, I plum forgot to take any pictures!)

We also made some homemade donuts, but not how you’d think. We used to have a donut maker — and maybe we still do, but if so it’s downstairs amongst all the other things still living in boxes. We have a pan with donut-shaped molds, too, but we didn’t use that either. No, after making the batter — that was all Jessica and Namine — we used a small ice cream scoop to drop it in hot oil.

It was tricky to tell when the donut holes were done. As a direct result of this, we ended up with some slightly burnt, and some with raw batter in the middle. (It should not surprise my family to know that I liked those the best.)

We also spent several evenings playing Cribbage. We played for a while after dinner, before Namine had to get ready for bed. We finished the game in three evenings.

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