Hello all,
Namine has finally moved to the 4th floor. We moved up yesterday. She is doing a world better than when we brought her in, but she still has a way to go. It is not her heart thank God, but it her lungs. The HME is causing to much stress when we have to bring her places and the cold and with it being viral season she got a double whammy.

The doctors are hoping that we will be home in a couple of weeks to home for Christmas, but they are not sure yet. The other hic-cup that we are having now is that we have nursing but no one is vent certified because she was never on a vent, but now they are thinking of sending her home on it, but only for the night. Paul and I have a care conference sometime with Dr. Noe and Cindy Gore and a whole bunch of other people but we have to wait to hear from them when it will happen.

I just wanted to update and give you guys the good news and I just have a huge favor besides continualy pray for us, if you leave a message can you say how you know us or how you heard about our website. I am not very good with names, faces yes, names no, so if you could please just let us know I would appreciate it.

God’s Blessings,
Paul, Jessica and Namine Eiche