Well I forgot to post last night, so I am doing it today. Paul and I went to go see Namine yesterday. I was finally feeling better, but not today. We got her dressed up in her baby’s first Thanksgiving day outfit, well half of it. She is getting so big that she actually fit the onesie. Paul will upload the pictures tonight when he gets home. We didn’t stay at the hospital and try there Thanksgiving dinner we went down to my sisters house, and like most people we will get to enjoy a second dinner tomorrow. You can never have to much Thanksgiving dinner. We all just wish that Namine was there to enjoy in our celebrations.

She was such a smiley baby yesterday when we visited it was nice. She didn’t have any destats last night. The doctors are still trying to ween her off the vent. We think she is taking full advantage of being on it. She has learned how to blow raspberries and slowly learning how to make noise. It will be so awesome when she can make noise around the trac.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be feeling better. This cold just keeps going and coming back it is getting annoying.

As far as Namine is concerned she is doing great. I think that she is missing her mommy and daddy and not being home, but we have to follow what the docs say.

One more thing before I let you all go. Paul and I are so excited we were driving in New Berlin coming home from shopping and we were looking at all of the construction and guess what they are building just down the road from us… a Children’s Hospital Clinic. We are so excited, now hopefully when she has to go somewhere we can just go there instead of all the way to Wauwatosa. Ok well we will post again soon. We love you all and ask that you keep praying.
Jessica, Paul and Namine