I’m writing today’s journal entry longhand in Namine’s new room in the PICU (and typing it out much later). She’s all situated here, and the nurse tells me that the doctors are very pleased with her progress, such as it is – so soon after her surgery. Namine still has lines in her belly button, […]


Hello to Everyone,I am writing to tell all of you that they did the scope today and they found that the fistula is healing and it is about half the size it was last Tuesday. So the heart procedure is still scheduled for Tuesday of this week. It has been a very long past couple […]

Surgery Moved to Tuesday

I wrote on Wednesday that Namine’s heart surgery is rescheduled for this Monday; well, that changed today. The doctors moved it to Tuesday. So on Monday, they’ll still do the fiber optic scope to look at her throat (and how it’s healed). If she’s healed to their satisfaction, they’ll proceed with the heart surgery on […]

Videos Moved

I’ve moved all of Namine’s videos to their very own channel (as opposed to grouping them by keyword in a larger channel). It may take a while for the changes to get updated on the blog, so you can check them out here in the meantime.

No Surgery Today: Addendum

We found out later today that the doctors do not believe Namine’s throat is infected. I edited the previous post, but in case anyone is subscribing to the blog’s feed, I wanted to make sure you received the update. The other thing I want to mention before going to bed is that her heart rate […]

No Surgery Today

I have some good news and some bad news. First, the bad news. Namine will no longer have heart surgery today. The doctors discovered a hole in her throat, caused by the high pressure from the air tube. It is NOT infected, and they are confident that she will heal quickly. Since she needs help […]

Quick Update, and a Video

Hello all. I’ve uploaded several videos to Youtube, and they should show up in the now-live video sidebar. I also want to draw your attention to one in particular, because Namine really opened her eyes for us last night. I promised myself I wouldn’t make any cooing noises at her, but you can see how […]

Wide Awake

Hello to all of you! We have some news from the cardiac surgeons and when Namine’s procedure will be. They are going to do the surgery on Wednesday the 23rd of July. They are going to reconstruct her arch and clamp off an artery. This is the first surgery of many to come. This is […]