Hello to all of you! We have some news from the cardiac surgeons and when Namine’s procedure will be. They are going to do the surgery on Wednesday the 23rd of July. They are going to reconstruct her arch and clamp off an artery. This is the first surgery of many to come. This is not the original Norwood operation that they had planned for, but this gives them more time to let her grow and gain weight. They would like her to be at least 6lbs before they do the Norwood because of the shunt that has to go into her artery. This is all in layman’s terms. Paul can go into detail and let you know what they are exactly going to do.

The exciting news that Paul and I get to share with all of you is that she was awake tonight when we were there. The nurse took her out from under the “Billy Lights” and took off her sunglasses and she was wide awake. She was looking all over the place and making faces. She was trying to focus so hard on the tube coming out of her nose that she went cross-eyed, so it looked liked she was making faces at us. Her eyes which we new were dark and possibly black like Paul’s are not black, one is dark blue and the other is almost greenish-blue. Paul is going to upload a video that we got of her with her eyes open. You can’t tell the color of her eyes in the video, just that they are dark. So enjoy the new pictures and have a wonderful night.

Thank-you to everyone that is praying. Keep it up and God is listening.