Our Newborn Baby Girl

We are now the proud parents of a newborn baby girl, Namine Olivia Eiche. She was born at 10:13 AM on Tuesday, July 15, 2008. She weighed in at 4 pounds, 10 ounces, and she was 13 inches long. She was delivered by C-section. Namine has been admitted to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) in Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for all her problems: Namine’s jaw is too small, and is too far back. As a result of this, her airway is blocked. For the time being, there is a tube in her nose, pushed down her throat to keep her airway propped open. There is oxygen being put down the tube, but she is breathing on her own. There […]

Baby Update

Dear Friends and Family,I met with another doctor the reviews the ultrasounds and when he was scanning me I could see her little legs, or at least one of them. To me and this is my personal opinion it looks like just one of her legs is shortened. So keep praying because she keeps stretching:) Also during the ultrasound I saw her mound of hair. She looked like she had a mohawk. It is the curliest I have ever seen a baby’s hair. Also she has gained close to a pound in a week. Last week she weighed in at 4lbs 11oz. This week she weighed in at 5lbs 8oz. So that is a blessing, she will beefed up to […]

Baby News

Hello to all,It is June 30th and I have gone once again to have a Bio Physical Profile, and up until this point we (Paul and myself) believed that the baby had a mild form of caudal regression. Today we met with the first doctor that diagnosed the baby the first time and he was even more pessimistic this time around than before. The reason I say this is because the baby’s body is growing nicely, all but her legs, so defects are little easier to see. What we were told today was that instead of having shortened legs, how can I describe this to make sense without hand motions, where her knee is supposed to be is her foot […]