I’m writing today’s journal entry longhand in Namine’s new room in the PICU (and typing it out much later). She’s all situated here, and the nurse tells me that the doctors are very pleased with her progress, such as it is – so soon after her surgery.

Namine still has lines in her belly button, but they expect to take those out soon. She has two new lines, one in each hand, and an arterial line in her right wrist. In addition to the leads on her chest, the bloodflow monitors on her head and back, respirator, and the pulseoxes on her hand and foot, none of which is new, she has a tube for drainage from the surgery site in her side, plus two new monitors for blood pressure around her heart.

The sedatives, of which they are giving her less, are starting to wear off. I can see her squirming, and she has already opened her eyes a bit.

They have removed Namine’s catheter, so she will be able to pee in her diaper (which, even though it’s a preemie diaper, is still waaay too big) like a normal baby. (What, you didn’t expect me to talk about pee here? This is a baby journal!) They have also put a tube down in her stomach, and will soon start giving her breastmilk. (To be sure, she’s overdue. Jessica now has quite the stockpile!)

Her heart is steady, and she is a strong girl. Such a fighter! We’ll keep you updated as things develop.

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