Tackling the big issues

Daddy, can I sleep in just my underwear tonight?

I knew the question was coming soon. Namine has, for nearly a week now, spent her days in underwear – yes, that’s right, no diaper. Her mind is ready to be rid of the diaper, even if her body is not.

Love tastes gross

Namine helped my aunt with a lot of cooking and baking over the weekend. She was particularly proud of the egg bake she helped make. As we sat down to eat, I said, “It tastes like you put a lot of love into this egg bake, Namine.” I know, but I didn’t because that would taste gross.

Namine’s quote of the day

Namine was banging two toy eggs together in lieu of musical instruments this morning. I asked her why, because she has a box full of musical instruments in her room. And the box is on the bottom shelf of her toybox rack, so I knew she could reach it. I’m using eggs because my tambourine would wake Mommy up, and Mommy is still sleeping. But I can’t use real eggs, because they would crack and make a huge mess. Then we would have to clean the crap off the floor.