Fairest of them all

Yesterday morning we went to see Snow White in the theater. Then Namine amazed me.

It wasn’t the first time Namine had seen Snow White. She said it was the second time. We don’t own the movie, so she must have seen it over at my parents’ house.

One of the movie theaters by us is doing a Disney classics thing where they show one every weekend (last week’s was Beauty and the Beast). The tickets are cheaper than a normal ticket price, so we decided to go. We were going to go last night, but the last showing was at 5:30. I was still working then, so we got tickets for this morning.

At the 10:00 morning showing of these Disney classics, they encourage kids to dress as their favorite characters. Namine doesn’t have any Snow White dresses, but she does have a couple Elsa ones. At the last minute, though, she decided she didn’t want to dress up; she just wanted to wear normal clothes. Once we got to the theater, however, she saw all the other girls (not many boys, but I wasn’t surprised — I was well into adolescence before I started appreciating Disney princess movies) dressed up as princesses. She told me that next time we went, she was definitely going to dress up.

After the movie was over, Namine was asking me why the Queen turned herself into an old witch. (Technically, the Queen was already a witch, and she turned herself in an old hag, but I knew what she meant.)

“Well,” I said, “the Queen wanted to be the fairest in the land.”

Namine responded, “But she’d never be the fairest in the land.”

“Why?” I asked. “Because she made herself ugly?”

“No,” Namine said. “Because she’s evil.”

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