Miracle League meet and greet

Namine met some new friends for the new baseball season!

Today was the first get-together for the YMCA Miracle League baseball participants, but it wasn’t the first game. (That’s next week.) Instead, this was an opportunity to mingle, make new friends, and have some American past-time food.

Each team gathered in a different part of the field, which we learned had just been completed. It was AstroTurf, perfect for wheelchairs and gait trainers. We met Namine’s Buddy and the three of us headed over to where they were serving food.

The line for the brats and hot dogs was no joke. I had to get in line twice because I couldn’t carry everything in one trip. The first time Namine came with me, just so I knew what she wanted. The second time around the line was even longer, so I’m glad it was just me standing in the hot hot sun.

While I stood in line, Namine and her Buddy got to know each other. Miracle League assigns a “Buddy” to each player to help them when they need help, keep them company during the games, and just all around be their friend. Namine’s Buddy this season is a sophomore in high school, and very nice. (With how talkative Namine is, I wonder if she’ll let her get a word in edgewise! ?)

We also met some other families and Buddies. We discovered that not only is the field new, but this entire Miracle League chapter is pretty brand new. Namine, on the other hand, has been doing this for quite some time. We were happy to put our new friends — both Buddies and players — at ease with what to expect. (We are all here to have fun and make friends, after all!)

Namine is very much looking forward to next week, when she plays her first game. She had a lot of fun at the meet and greet, and can’t wait to see her Buddy and her other new friends again.

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