Cooking Class

Today I went to a cooking class and it was “no parents allowed”, so my dad asked me to write the post for him. ?

So, anyway, we (me and two more kids) made Strawberry Shortcake. And a friend of mine named Hazel, well, her mom was the teacher in the class. And there were groups of three and four kids in the class. And there were two types of sinks. There was a regular type of sink, and there was a camping type of sink. I chose the camping type of sink because it looked fun and I had never used it before.

And the Strawberry Shortcake tasted amazing! If you try it with the cake, the jam, the strawberries, and the whipped cream, it’s like a flavor bomb exploded in your mouth! And we made the jam by slicing up strawberries and smashing them up with some sugar. We did the same with the strawberries except we didn’t smash them.

It was really fun, so if you have kids that like cooking, I suggest you do the Milwaukee Public Market cooking classes.

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