Ortho appointment

Namine has been given a clean bill of health by her orthopedic surgeon.

Namine had an appointment with her orthopedic surgeon and bone specialist, Dr. Black. She’s been complaining of pain in her ankle at therapy, and we wanted to make sure nothing was broken. And nothing is broken! 

Since Namine outgrew her last AFOs (ankle-foot orthotic; basically foot braces for walking), she’s been using her high-top shoes in therapy. Neither of Namine’s ankles are broken, but she needs more support than her shoes can provide. Consequently, she needs to get new AFOs. 

Dr. Black also checks Namine’s spine when he sees her. She was born with scoliosis, and it behooves us to monitor its progression. If the curvature of her spine gets worse, then she would likely need corrective surgery. For the past several years, there has been no change.

When Namine laid down on the X-ray table, the technician found that she was too tall for the little slide-out drawer that contains the film. It’s pretty incredible to think of Namine as being too tall for anything, especially since we’ve been told time and again that she might stop growing at a certain point. So far, it hasn’t happened yet! 

When Dr. Black got the results of the X-rays, he informed us that the curvature of Namine’s spine is the same. She’s getting taller — we knew that part — and her spine is growing properly with her.

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