Saying goodbye

We said farewell to Namine as she joined her grandparents and aunt on vacation.

Jessica and I weren’t able to join them, resulting in Namine’s longest time away from home. They’re spending a week at Disney World and then coming home.

We had to get to the Chicago airport early — we left at 4:00 in the morning. Airports are crazy no matter what time it is, but we found the security line they needed to be in.

After a while of standing in line, a TSA employee started walking toward us and yelling. Through the din of the airport, she loudly explained that because we had a child in a wheelchair, we were in the wrong line. (Never mind that there were no signs indicating this.)

The checkpoint for disabled persons was much shorter. It was pretty much nonexistent, so they were able to get through pretty much immediately for their flight.

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