Namine’s cough did not improve; in fact, it got worse. We ended up taking her to the hospital.

Whenever we’ve gone on vacation, we’ve tried to pick places which have a children’s hospital fairly close by. With Namine coughing as much as she was this morning, the on-call doctor at our hospital recommended we take her to the one here.

Before we went, we had a choice to make. Rather, Namine had a choice. We could wait one more day and give her some Mucinex, seeing if that would help. (Not too long ago, I had something similar. It was viral, so all I could do was take Mucinex and wait for it to pass.)

Namine told us that she’d rather know for sure what was going on, so off we went to the hospital. As it turned out, the supposed thirty-minute drive ended up being more like forty-five minutes.

All told, we were there at the hospital for about four hours — a short trip, for ER visit standards. After doing vitals, the doctor determined that Namine had an ear infection, but her larger concern was her chest. To that end, she ordered a chest x-ray.

The x-ray revealed that Namine doesn’t have anything major brewing in her lungs. After giving her a steroid to help with the coughing (which should last a couple days) and prescribing something for the ear infection, we were free to go.

We’d been planing on visiting the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, so we made a stop there to get some dinner on the way back from the hospital to the condo. All the shops along the strip there close at 6:00, though, so we were too late to do any window shopping.

Today definitely wasn’t the ideal way to spend a day of vacation, but we’re glad Namine is starting to feel a little better. Tomorrow is a new day, and we hope it sees Namine improve even more.

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