American Girl trip

The girls took their yearly trip to American Girl.

Jessica, Namine, Jessica’s sister, and Namine’s cousin all piled into the car — have I mentioned how glad I am that we have a large car? — and headed down to Chicago. For Christmas, Namine wanted to visit the American Girl store there, and she wanted to bring her cousin along. We were a little late getting her there, but that’s all for the better; I don’t even want to imagine the insanity of an American Girl store the week of Christmas.

Namine and her cousin each brought one of their American Girl dolls, of course. Namine brought her Bitty Baby, which we had gotten her for Christmas. Any difficulty inherit with a child toting their doll around all day is only amplified when they need to use their arms to move. This should illustrate nicely, then, how difficult it was for Namine to wheel herself and carry her doll.

Fortunately, Jessica found a solution. More to the point, she found a carrying bag which was large enough for Namine to put her doll and its accessories. Even better, the straps were long enough to hang over her head. This allowed her to carry her doll and wheel herself.

The girls all had a great day. They had a fun lunch together — even their dolls, or maybe it’s especially their dolls, had a place at the table — and they had fun looking around, playing, and picking out some accessories to bring home.

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